We Are The Finest Freestyle Dance Classes in Delhi

freestyle dance classes in delhiWhen you freestyle… you’re vulnerable. You’re honest. You don’t have set choreography to fall back on. It’s just your body, your mind, and the music. Aeroyoga is the leading freestyle dance classes in Delhi which will train you to become a freestyle dancer. 

Freestyle is not a choreographed dance with specific steps. It’s the ultimate in terms of improvisation and personal interpretation of the music. Freestyle is so fun and liberating. It captures the essence of what dance is really about – moving for the sake of moving to music that you love.

What Is Freestyle Dancing?

Freestyle dancing is improvisation. It’s when you spontaneously create a movement that was not choreographed ahead of time. The “free” nature of freestyle allows the dancer to express their individual style and feeling. You don’t have to be in a circle to be freestyle dancing. You probably freestyle all the time already! In a way, freestyle should just be called “dancing,” because that’s essentially what it is. Your body’s just reacting to the music and feeling it out.

 Why do we teach Freestyle?

Aeroyoga is the prime freestyle dance classes in Delhi. As we know that Freestyle is an important part of the repertoire of every commercial dancer. The main reason for us encouraging freestyle is because we want all our students to develop careers and get jobs, and it’s normally a key part of auditions. It’s often the case, that if you make it through the first stages of an audition, you’ll be asked to Freestyle. Being clear about what your ‘Freestyle’ moves are before an audition is just smart thinking.

Freestyle Moves

As Freestyle dancing isn’t constrained by a specific set of moves, it’s open to interpretation. This offers up opportunities to explore all sorts of Ballet, Dancehall, Hip Hop, or Locking moves, but it can also lead to freezing because of so much choice. If you want to be a freestyle dancer, come and join Aeroyoga because we are the best freestyle dance classes in Delhi.