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Kalaripayattu classes in Delhi “Want to be more flexible and stronger? Want to build stamina? Make yourself fit through Kalaripayattu at Aeroyoga- the Best Kalaripayattu classes in Delhi. Considered one of the oldest martial arts in the world, Kalaripayattu is believed to have originated as far back as 3rd century BC.

Over the last several years, it has steadily gained popularity amidst fitness enthusiasts who are recognizing the tremendous benefits it can have on one’s body and mind. Kalaripayattu draws its inspiration from the raw power and instinctive fighting techniques found in animals like lions, tigers, elephants, and other animals.

The practice of Kalari techniques results in increased agility, suppleness, apart from the ability to twist or turn the body in inconceivable ways. Some of the most common elements that a trainee undergoes include:

  • Introduction

This includes stances—usually based on the crouching attack positions of various animals—and stepping or basic postures, both of which must be mastered before entering advanced levels of training.

  • Meipayattu

This refers to exercises that use the body including specific exercise for legs, hips, hands and the torso. These movements are all designed to help one achieve maximum physical fitness and flexibility.

  • Marichilukal

In this level, the training comprises acrobatic exercises, including flying leaps and kicks. This not only helps tone the body but also improves your agility and reflexes. Kalari training ensures that you must complete one level to proceed to the next. In Aeroyoga class, the art usually mixes up stances, full-body workouts, breathing techniques and acrobatics, while advanced Kalari module will also incorporate Kaikuththippayattu (exercises with hands on the floor), Kaithada (bare-hand blocks).

We at Aeroyoga– the leading Kalaripayattu classes in Delhi will train you in each and every part of this form. Anyone can opt to take a Kalari class, mastering the form take commitment, patience and focus—much like Yoga, Tai Chi and other ancient arts.

Thanks to the holistic nature of the training, however, the health benefits of simply sticking to what your Kalari routine are several. Practicing Kalari energizes both your mind and body. It increases your capacity to handle stress, anxiety and physical exhaustion. Some of the benefits of Kalaripayattu are:-

  • The graceful but fierce movements engage your cores and help improve coordination, flexibility, instinct. It also enhances blood circulation within your body thus increasing aerobic capacity.
  • Practising Kalari stretches your entire body, including your chest, back, arms, shoulders, and legs. This is often useful in removing stress knots, and kinks and pain embedded deep in the tissues.
  • It cleanses the body of toxins by activating the lymphatic system and raising your immunity levels. This also helps in rejuvenating your mind and can be just the right stress buster after a tiring day.
  • Kalaripayattu makes you more energetic, alert and confident. It improves concentration and focus and enhances your ability to do any activity with skill and precision.

Learn the ancient martial art in Delhi, where you will learn from masters of the craft. So, hurry up and join Aeroyoga-the prime Kalaripayattu classes in Delhi.